In Between Posts, May 13, 2012

Well, last week was a lot different from the week before. Last week was jam-packed with posts, like a nerd’s three-ring binder full of Magic cards! I’ve been wanting to do a feature on Tiger’s for a while and with school done I finally got the opportunity. It’s not totally complete though as I’m missing twelve games from the system’s collection, but hey, that’s something to look forward to huh?

I saw The Avengers Thursday and I was surprised by how much I liked it. The movie’s chock-full of superheros and it’s awesome to see them bicker and banter amongst themselves, but come together when they absolutely have to. Their personalities are profoundly different, often causing confrontation, but they do work well together by utilizing their respective strengths. I never saw The Incredible Hulk, Thor, or Captain America: The First Avenger so I’ll need to visit those at some point. That means I have seen Iron Man and it’s sequel so I’m familiar with Tony Stark’s relative humor, ubt I was blown away by how many times I was laughing during genuinely funny parts in The Avengers. I was very satisfied with the movie.

One more note. My friend has begun a project on Kickstarter and everyone should at least check it out. Him and a few buddies are aiming to do an internet comedy series and they thought of trying their hand on the funding website. From what they’ve told me, it’ll involve cardboard cutouts mixed with live-action actors and they’re inspired by Adult Swim style shows. I don’t have a very large soapbox to stand on, but I still thought I’d show support for my friend because I know he’d do the same for me.

Lastly, happy Mother’s Day! Celebrate them!

Dook-ed U Kickstarter Page

Tiger – Outro

What a bummer! After eight games, nearly half of the’s library, my impressions of it dropped. There’s still a game or two I’d really like to play on the system like Duke Nukem 3D, Resident Evil 2, and Sonic Jam, but I’m sure they’re not great.

The feels cheap, it’s ugly, and it’s not ergonomic. As I said in my initial post, it feels like nothing more than an upscale toy, something you’d find on a hanger in a Toys “R” Us. The design of the system lacks passion. It’s very basic and bland, which is fine, but it doesn’t knock my socks off and its rectangular shape doesn’t prohibit long play sessions. Of course, neither does the awful screen the system has or the rotten selection of games.

Tiger’s is a fun conversation piece, but a horrible video game platform.

Williams Arcade Classics ( – Review

These games are classics!

As with the last game I discussed, Williams Arcade Classics is a collection of multiple games. Unlike just about every other game I’ve played on the system, this one isn’t half bad.

Collecting together Joust, Defender, Robotron, Stargate (Defender II), and Sinistar it’s not a collection to scoff at – these games are arcade classics. Because these games are so old, they’re emulated fairly accurately on the system. Now they’re not perfect, but they’re close enough to still appreciate that special something that made these games so great in the first place. Still, these games are easily available on many, many other platforms, emulated much better, and usually in larger collections of games.

Revisiting these classics reminds how instantly fun and challenging they are. They’re not perfect on the system and they suffer from the system’s motion blurring effect, but these games are still worth playing, but on a different system.

Tiger Casino – Review

Don’t believe Tiger Casino gas six games! It counts two different slot machines as individual games.

Tiger Casino collects five casino-style games for the less than adequate handheld game system. The variety is appreciated although I have qualms with the slow pace of the game, not to mention the negatives associated with the system itself.

Included in Tiger Casino are poker, blackjack, hi-low (I know it as war), roulette, and slot machines. Winning it big is the objective and betting a lot is the way to do it, but max bets are 5 and with a beginning balance of 500, players will never go bust.

The touch screen is the sole method of input and it works well for selecting the cards to hold or fold, placing bets, and navigating menus. My main beef with the game is the stilted flow of animations. These slow down the pace of the game whereas I’m looking for something that I can quickly place bets and make moves.

Of the games Tiger Casino collects together, I do like four of the five, but because of the betting restrictions and the slow pace of the game, it’s not recommendable.

The Lost World: Jurassic Park ( – First Impressions

I don’t know what’s up with the portable video game t-rex lettering in the bottom-right corner of the game’s box.

The Lost World: Jurassic Park is probably the worst game. With the’s piss poor screen, any game that involves motion is pretty much an eye sore to begin with. Unfortunately, this game involves a lot of motion. What burned me about The Lost World was the awful platforming in which I controlled a character who moved like stagnant water pitted against a busy background that blended with the foreground as soon as I pressed forward. Because of the terrible blurring effect of the, I couldn’t see the dinosaurs I was supposed to shoot or dodge. Playing The Lost World: Jurassic Park was an unsettling experience.

Mortal Kombat Trilogy ( – Review

I wonder if Ed Boon ever played this version?

Fighters Megamix for the wasn’t a good game. The other fighting game on the system, Mortal Kombat Trilogy, fares no better in my eyes.

Both games resemble their “big brother” versions, but playing them on the system just isn’t worth it. Whereas Fighters Megamix’s combat felt slower and more precise, Mortal Kombat Trilogy’s played more fast and loose. I button mashed my way through fights and managed to pull of some combos; I couldn’t tell you if they looked cool or not because of the system’s poor screen quality though.

Mortal Kombat Trilogy had a large character roster, fatalities, and gameplay that’s more suited to jumping in and having fun, but it’s still on the and it’s not very good.

Lights Out – Review

As it was a pack-in, I decided this review’s main photo would be of the game’s manual.

Released as a pack-in for Tiger’s, Lights Out is one of the only games worth playing on the system, not that it’s so great that it’s worth tracking a down.

The objective of Lights Out is to rid a 5×5 grid of any panels that are lit utilizing the’s touch screen. The game has two modes although they’re not really that different. The difference stems from the method grids are completed. Players can choose to solve puzzles by only turning lights off, or by flipping any of the panels.

It’s simple to understand and it’s pretty fun. Lights Out is the type of game I could imagine playing for a few minutes before bed for many nights. It’s not worth tacking down a to play, but Lights Out is the probably most fun you’ll have on the system.