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AC/DC Live: Rock Band Track Pack – Review

If you'd rather not pop a disc in to rock out, the AC/DC tracks can be imported into the three main Rock Band games.

With a pal by my side and a set of plastic instruments surrounding us, we were ready to ROCK! You see, days before I bought AC/DC Live: Rock Band Track Pack, a Wal-Mart exclusive addition to the Rock Band series of games. Being in a mood to ROCK! we decided to play through it in one sitting, plus there was an achievement for doing so…

I’m not the biggest fan of AC/DC, but I enjoy a ton of their songs and can respect what they’ve been doing since the seventies. Since they’ve been making music for so long, they have many popular songs and most are present in the game.

The eighteen songs included are taken from a 1991 concert AC/DC put on and as such, are all live tracks. Live tracks usually aren’t my thing, but these were alright. I knew of the majority of the songs and after scanning through a list of the band’s singles (prior to 1991) the only omission I saw was “Rock and Roll Ain’t Noise Pollution”.

Playing through the entire set list took us a good while and I was perplexed by two things. Firstly, there wasn’t an option for the concert to seamlessly play out. Instead, with the completion of each song, we were kicked back out to results screen and then the song selection screen to choose the next song in the concert. Secondly, during load screens, Rock Band games include facts about bands, songs, etc. Playing through the game, my friend and I only ever came across AC/DC facts twice. This was a missed opportunity to enhance player’s knowledge on the renowned band.

Still, it was a fun multiplayer experience. The game was originally a Wal-Mart exclusive, although it’s easy to find elsewhere. However, because it was a Wal-Mart exclusive, and the stores around me have always had too many copies, I was able to find a copy on clearance. Like I said though, copies are readily available everywhere and cheap, like, five dollars or less. AC/DC might not be everyone’s taste, but it’s worth checking out if you’re in a mood to ROCK!

Guitar Hero Retrospective


Guitar Hero, the game that essentially revitalized the rhythm genre, started a massive video game franchise, and became a part of our culture, is now finished.

So the other day Activision Blizzard released their financial results for 2010 and while there were many interesting tidbits of information within, of interest to me is the news regarding the Guitar Hero franchise. Detailed within is the news that Activision is going to disband its Guitar Hero business unit, and stop production on this year’s Guitar Hero game, which makes me believe they’re done with Guitar Hero for a while, possibly until new video game systems are released. Hearing this news was shocking, more so to hear it on National Public Radio and not just the traditional video game websites. It was foreseeable news however, the market did become heavily saturated with rhythm games, and similarly, MTV Games recently sold off Harmonix, the developers behind Rock Band and Dance Central, but Activision seemed to have gotten while the getting was good and released, in most people’s opinions, too many Hero branded games. All that said, I’ve had a lot of positive memories with Guitar Hero and this news is a good opportunity to look back on them.

My first Guitar Hero was Guitar Hero II on the Xbox 360. I remember reading about it in the Official Xbox Magazine and decided to preorder it from Best Buy. After laying the deposit down, I waited. When the release date finally rolled around, my sister and I went straight to the Best Buy after school and picked it up. I remember us talking about someone driving on the highway, jokingly saying they were getting it as well, and that we had better beat them in case they bought the last copy. Ironically enough, they were in fact picking it up too. From then on I played hours of the game, eventually becoming competent enough to complete the hard difficulty, but never progressing much on expert. I enjoyed competing with friends, trying to outdo their high scores, and eventually spending a lot of time on ScoreHero.

I remember getting Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock as well. One day after college, I decided that was the day I’d get it, and my friend and I played through the entire game in one sitting. It was a blast, except for the fact that the second player doesn’t receive achievements. As with Guitar Hero II, Guitar Hero III took up a bunch of my time, and my skills continued to improve. Guitar Hero: Aerosmith was my next game. It was much easier compared to its predecessors, but it also had a different set up, playing predominately Aerosmith songs. It was a quick game to beat, and not that hard to obtain most of the achievements, it would be my last Guitar Hero game. At this point I had converted to Rock Band and its multi-instrument setup.

I enjoyed my time with the Guitar Hero games I’ve played and I look forward to picking up some of the titles I’ve missed. This was easy to see coming but it’s still sort of shocking, to realize that it’s already here, the discontinuation of Guitar Hero.


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