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Tennis [Atari 2600] – Review

Alan Miller, turning it around with this one.
Alan Miller, turning it around with this one.

When I realized that Tennis was designed by Alan Miller, I had low expectations for it. Ice Hockey was also designed by him and that is my least favorite Activision game from this era, thus far. I was pleasantly surprised though as Tennis has some of the briskest gameplay I’ve seen on the Atari 2600.

Playing matches against a human opponent was great. There’s not much variety in the way of different shots (only one button on the Atari 2600) but the sheer speed more than made up for this. With a little practice, my friend and I were having contentious volleys that were won on errors more often than not. Playing against the computer is another story though. The computer is adept and winning a volley takes a lot of effort. More than I was willing to put in.

I’d like to think the more my friend and I trash talk each other, the more comfortable we feel with a game, and the more we like it. If that’s a positive sign then Tennis is one of the best multiplayer games we’ve played on the Atari 2600.

Gameplay was fast and fun with a human opponent.
Gameplay was fast and fun with a human opponent.

Winning a match against the computer nets both the commercial and the patch for Tennis in Activision Anthology. I could not triumph and so inserting the hyperlink to the commercial will also be the first time I view it.

In Between Posts, March 18, 2012

Spring break! That’s right, this week I have no school. I’m still working my normal schedule of around thirty hours in the produce department, but I’ll have so much more free time this week. I’m going to use it!

The biggest thing I have planned is a day trip with my girlfriend. We’re going to Arcadia, Oklahoma to visit POPS. It’s a restaurant on Route 66 known for two things: its massive selection of over 600 kinds of soda and the giant neon soda bottle that lets travelers know they’ve arrived. We’re also planning on visiting Oklahoma City and seeing a couple of museums. Coincidentally the President of the United States of America, Barack Obama will be speaking in nearby Cushing, Oklahoma so I would enjoy  trying to swing by there if we’re timely.

I’ll be productive with the rest of my spring break too. I’m going to finally get the chance to play lots and lots of Mass Effect 3 and be able to discuss the game in-depth with friends and coworkers. I’ll also have the opportunity to write more. Last, but not least, I’ll be able to partake in many outside activities. I believe rain is in my local forecast, but no matter what, I’m going to play some disc golf, tennis, and maybe even a little fishing.

Enjoy your week!