Hello there! I’ll keep this brief. My name is John and I like video games! Welp, that’s good enough. I’m interested in everything related to the industry and medium although here, I’ll mainly focus on my experiences playing games. This will be done mostly through the lens of written reviews or video playthroughs. Perusing my website, you may think that I don’t stay current, but I do. I just enjoy collecting and playing the games of yesterday. Expect much coverage of these older games with a smidgen of current games as well. I’ve begun recording more videos, and while I’ll post those here, if you check me out on YouTube you’ll be more up-to-date.

For questions or comments, you can email me at john@mybrainongames.com. Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to read.

10 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hey John,

    Jeff here. Early twenties as well, avid gamer, musician and comic nerd. I enjoyed the reviews I read keep it up man.


  2. Hey John, I just got introduced to you at the convention today, at the gaming panel.

    I’m really slow going on certain things, a lot when it comes to working on games. Graphically, or musically, I don’t think my video games will have near as much polish as I like, my skills are lacking in musical ability (decent at mental composing), or artistic talent (some idea of design or personality in art). But I try to get almost everything done, it’s difficult. I’m rather thorough, and again, I stick to viewing the game as it shows in a whole and the most unforgiving things kind of shine through.

    But in this I’m particularly passionate about games in general (all genres), and I could talk about them for hours. I just like the idea of people coming together on games in the way they have for the last 30 or so years, that to me speaks bounds of what the legacy of gaming will be for my kids, or kid’s kids. People making entertainment in this fashion will probably keep me coming back until I die, really.

    I don’t think I’ll be buried with any games though, maybe eventually hand them over to a grandson.


  3. Hello, John!

    I came to this blog from Giantbomb, or more specifically your profile.

    I came across it while I was researching Seaman. Your blog posts were listed under the game description and out of curiosity I gave it a read. I found it to be incredibly compelling.

    I don’t know what it is, I think it’s, in a way, the frank nature of your writing. It’s so straight forward that I never feel as if you are too opinionated in your words, the same as when I read your reviews. You just say what’s on your mind, like you said, which makes it a very honest and interesting read. It’s refreshing. I like your writing a lot.

    I hope this isn’t too presumptuous of me to ask but is there any way you can do a blog or something of the sort like you did with your seaman blog? I enjoyed it immensely reading your thoughts and progress in a game. I’d love to share with friends the pleasure I got from reading your journey through seaman.

    Until then (or not if you choose not to) I will enjoy following your blog here.


    1. I’d love to attempt a blog with a format like Seaman again, I even started trying with Grandia but it wasn’t the same. I think for it to work well like that, the game would need to be somewhat subjective and the main character couldn’t talk or share their feelings, as I’d take the main character’s role and write from their perspective about what’s going on.

      Would you have any recommendations for a possible game? Also, what’s your username on Giant Bomb?


  4. Your Blog on video games is impressive. Appreciate it if you followed mine, since you took the time to write a comment.


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