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Golf Story [Switch] – Review


Now that I’ve completed Golf Story, I’m ready to join the chorus of voices singing its praises. Truly, for about a week following its September 28 release my Twitter timeline was thriving with positive word-of-mouth. Unable to resist the zeitgeist, and having come into an Amazon gift card that made the decision even easier, I teed up. The game is a charming story-driven RPG based around golf instead of swords and sorcery. Despite not being an avid virtual golfer, the act of golfing was immediately familiar and I was quickly making shots that had me replicating Tiger Woods’ fist pumps. My skills improved between outings as I participated in the bevy of sidequests that doled out experience and not-so-subtly doubled as training sessions. Perhaps unsurprisingly considering the hubbub around it, I thought this was a fantastic game and couldn’t put it down. Continue reading Golf Story [Switch] – Review

In Between Posts, August 12, 2012

My Sunday started out great with nice weather presenting the first opportunity in a month to play disc golf in sub-hundred degree weather and I took it. Afterwards I had breakfast with my grandmother and parents and that was nice.

I completed Luigi’s Mansion last week and that was a fun game. Now I’d like to start Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, but I’m fearful I won’t have a lot of time to play it with school beginning in a week. I think I will though, especially now that trophies have been patched into it. Great timing. I also popped in Super Smash Bros. Brawl thanks to my friend’s recent discussions about PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale. I started unlocking things and realized I have a ton of stuff left to unlock so I might play that in a passing manner for a week or two.

James Harden, Kevin Durant, and Russell Westbrook (OKC Thunder) took gold in the men’s basketball event at London 2012 today.

In Between Posts, March 18, 2012

Spring break! That’s right, this week I have no school. I’m still working my normal schedule of around thirty hours in the produce department, but I’ll have so much more free time this week. I’m going to use it!

The biggest thing I have planned is a day trip with my girlfriend. We’re going to Arcadia, Oklahoma to visit POPS. It’s a restaurant on Route 66 known for two things: its massive selection of over 600 kinds of soda and the giant neon soda bottle that lets travelers know they’ve arrived. We’re also planning on visiting Oklahoma City and seeing a couple of museums. Coincidentally the President of the United States of America, Barack Obama will be speaking in nearby Cushing, Oklahoma so I would enjoy  trying to swing by there if we’re timely.

I’ll be productive with the rest of my spring break too. I’m going to finally get the chance to play lots and lots of Mass Effect 3 and be able to discuss the game in-depth with friends and coworkers. I’ll also have the opportunity to write more. Last, but not least, I’ll be able to partake in many outside activities. I believe rain is in my local forecast, but no matter what, I’m going to play some disc golf, tennis, and maybe even a little fishing.

Enjoy your week!