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In Between Posts, August 12, 2012

My Sunday started out great with nice weather presenting the first opportunity in a month to play disc golf in sub-hundred degree weather and I took it. Afterwards I had breakfast with my grandmother and parents and that was nice.

I completed Luigi’s Mansion last week and that was a fun game. Now I’d like to start Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, but I’m fearful I won’t have a lot of time to play it with school beginning in a week. I think I will though, especially now that trophies have been patched into it. Great timing. I also popped in Super Smash Bros. Brawl thanks to my friend’s recent discussions about PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale. I started unlocking things and realized I have a ton of stuff left to unlock so I might play that in a passing manner for a week or two.

James Harden, Kevin Durant, and Russell Westbrook (OKC Thunder) took gold in the men’s basketball event at London 2012 today.

Luigi’s Mansion [GameCube] – Review

A launch title for the GameCube, this was Luigi’s first game where he received top billing.

After winning a mansion in a contest he didn’t enter, Luigi invites his brother to check out his new digs. After getting lost on his way, Luigi eventually arrives to discover the mansion is packed with ghosts and they’ve captured Mario. The ensuing evening highlights how Luigi’s love for his brother overcomes his lack of confidence. All told though, Luigi’s night is full of mild laughs and humorous encounters rather than deep frights.

There was a bountiful amount of ghosts, one might say the mansion was bountighoul.

To combat the ghosts, Luigi utilizes the Poltergust 3000 – a special vacuum designed by Luigi’s most recent acquaintance, Professor Elvin Gadd. This vacuum sucks in the undead inhabitants and when Luigi returns to the safety of Gadd’s shack outside the mansion, the professor seals the ghosts in portraits. Capturing ghosts was initially a frustrating endeavor but with practice it became easier, but it never felt “just right.” Navigating the mansion was occasionally a laborious affair as well.

The mansion is quite large and it’s full of distinct rooms that are inhabited by similarly distinct ghosts. The mansion was broke up into areas which were capped off with a boss fight against a more menacing foe. Luigi’s Mansion was fairly straightforward, but there were a few times where I wasn’t sure what I needed to do to progress. Also, backtracking was a massive part of the game. Towards the middle of the game, when the number of unexplored rooms was dwindling, I’d usually have to traverse multiple floors in a convoluted fashion to move on.

Luigi’s not so sure about that proposition.

The problems I had with Luigi’s Mansion were minor, but were annoying nonetheless. Its gameplay also wasn’t so fantastic as to redeem these annoyances. I felt like my time with Luigi’s Mansion was worthwhile though. It was a very positive, humorous adventure that has me interested in its upcoming sequel.