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Mortal Kombat Trilogy (Game.com) – Review

I wonder if Ed Boon ever played this version?

Fighters Megamix for the Game.com wasn’t a good game. The other fighting game on the system, Mortal Kombat Trilogy, fares no better in my eyes.

Both games resemble their “big brother” versions, but playing them on the system just isn’t worth it. Whereas Fighters Megamix’s combat felt slower and more precise, Mortal Kombat Trilogy’s played more fast and loose. I button mashed my way through fights and managed to pull of some combos; I couldn’t tell you if they looked cool or not because of the system’s poor screen quality though.

Mortal Kombat Trilogy had a large character roster, fatalities, and gameplay that’s more suited to jumping in and having fun, but it’s still on the Game.com and it’s not very good.

Indy 500 (Game.com) – Review

Another Sega title appearing on the Game.com, Indy 500 is barely like it’s “big brother” version.

Indy 500 is the sole racing title on Tiger’s Game.com. Like Fighters Megamix and many other Game.com games, Indy 500 is based off of a “big brother” title. Also like Fighters Megamix, Indy 500 is based off of a Sega game.

It seems that every game on the Game.com that has on-screen movement will suffer from horrible blurring. It’s not game-ending in Indy 500 though because the car I drove remained mostly stationary while the background and fellow racers passed me by. Racing around the seemingly infinite circle track grew old fast thanks to the poor handling of my car.

Turning to the left was an ordeal in Indy 500. If I went too fast in a corner, the game would halt so it could show my car spinning out of control as I collided with the wall. I learned to feather my car around corners until they weren’t a problem. Next on my agenda was passing. This I never quite got the hang of. If I so much as looked another car wrong, the game would halt so it could my car spinning out of control as I collided with another driver. The animation of my car spinning out of control probably had more animations to it than the rest of the game! The visibility was terrible too. Thinking back, I don’t remember being able to see the nose of my car! Kidding aside, visibility was an issue as I got closer to cars ahead of me. Fortunately, upcoming turns were indicated by arrows. Needless to say, I never got a pole position in this awful excuse of a racing game.

Fighters Megamix (Game.com) – Review

Fighters Megamix is a mashup mixing together two of Sega’s fighting games as well as some bonus characters.

That Sega would allow some of its series to appear on Tiger’s Game.com is unfortunate; as unfortunate as Nintendo similarly allowing some of it series to appear on the Phillips CD-i. Fighters Megamix was one of those games, and I know that you’re probably thinking “I’ve never heard of that game before so what do I care?” Well fine. The “actual” Fighters Megamix appeared on the Sega Saturn and was a mashup of Virtua Fighter 2 and Fighting Vipers, plus a few characters from other Sega games.

Fighters Megamix on the Game.com is a total bore. It has a character roster of eight from the get-go, with an additional four unlockable special fighters. The few characters I played as did seem slightly distinct, but the horrendous blurring caused just by moving was hard to get over. Not to mention the game’s attempts at duplicating 3D by “scrolling” stages.

Fighters Megamix is a poor game that I can’t find any motivation to play. With “barebones” fighting games such as this one, the best incentive to repeatedly play it is the multiplayer mode. While Fighters Megamix does have multiplayer (!), I also believe that continued play of fighting games requires an appreciation for learning it, and this game isn’t worth learning.