In Between Posts, March 19, 2011

Bored. Thought I’d post something, but don’t have anything ready to go up yet, actually that’s not true, I have a review of Universal Studios Theme Park Adventure for the GameCube ready, but whatever. I finished Final Fantasy XII earlier in the week and need to begin writing about that. It’s daunting trying to think where to start, but I know that once I do it’ll just flow out.

Since completing that I began playing Animal Crossing: City Folk for the Wii, just this morning in fact! So far I’m grooving on it, but then again I spent an inordinate amount of time with Animal Crossing and a little less with Animal Crossing: Wild World, needless to say Animal Crossing is one of my favorite games. I’m also playing through The Legend of Zelda on the Nintendo Entertainment System. I’m making a graph paper map of the entire game, so it’ll take much longer than if I just played through it normally. Fairly recently I got the urge to make encyclopedias for the The Legend of Zelda and Metroid series’ containing plot synopses, maps, bestiaries, etc. So yeah.

I also played Gun.Smoke on the NES after completing Final Fantasy XII, but could only get to the third stage. I’d like to play it again and try to complete it, but it is a rather difficult game. And lastly, a friend came over and besides playing You Don’t Know Jack, we played The Typing of the Dead cooperatively on the Dreamcast. We were able to make it the final boss but were unable to beat the game. I really enjoy that game, I find it very funny with its terribly cheesy story and funny word prompts to type, besides the humor though, it’s a genuinely fun title to play.

One thought on “In Between Posts, March 19, 2011”

  1. Personally I think trying to review any Final Fantasy in the series would be rather difficult, so no worries on that, understood. But, when I was younger, Zelda was a game that my mother and I played together, and it was a large reason why we shifted from the Atari, as the Nintendo had been out for quite a time, and we just had a few hand-me-down games for it. When my mother played Zelda, we got into it to a large degree, and because of her we even bought game enhancing devices, like the Game Genie products, for NES, Genesis, and SNES. I think if it wasn’t for stuff like that, I wouldn’t be into the sandbox style of games today. Like Animal Crossing’s nature, to put in lots of changed and interesting things, trying lots of mix and edited codes for changing how the games played kind of set me up for an interest in games with lots of content.

    In addition, Gun.Smoke was one of my favorite games for the NES, the whole cowboy action shooter kept me going back to those games all the way up to Tin Star, Wild Guns and (similar genre) Shien’s Revenge for the SNES. I ended up getting into first person shooters more because we always had friends who would give us loaner or gift ‘older’ PC’s, ones we could put old video games on and enjoy. That was partially why I enjoyed PC gaming more to a level, actually. The ability to slowly upgrade and play games of an era on equipment you assembled. Like a mix of Legos and Atari on up to PSX graphics.

    If you think the NES Gun.Smoke is hard, try the Arcade version sometime. There are a lot more angles of shooting, and button combining. Still, the gameplay of some older games trumps what today we know as ‘difficult’ and annoying. Contra’s difficulty was commonplace back then, but now, well, try playing Taito’s Legend of Kage. As far as gameplay goes, it’s not 100% solid, but it is amazingly fast paced and provides and odd sort of Zen of gaming. Many people don’t know how to get past the first level, but in today’s day in age, once you do, relate it to gaming today, and it provides almost an odd cinematic for a first level.

    Looking forward to the review of FFXII


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