In Between Posts, June 27, 2011

I completed Vanquish last week. I wrote a review for it and that’ll go up tomorrow morning. I really liked the game. It took me about seven hours to complete. Some might say that is short, but I’m perfectly okay with it’s length. I didn’t play anything else last week, in fact I started a second play through of Vanquish. It shouldn’t take me that long. At the moment I’m undecided about what I’ll play next.

After purchasing the stack of Nintendo Power magazines, I’ve had the urge to resume work on my video game magazine database. I decided to trash what I had worked on and start anew. I wanted to do it in Microsoft Access, but I couldn’t get it setup just the way I wanted it. Instead, I’m doing it in Microsoft Excel, which isn’t the prettiest, but it will serve my purpose.

Vanquish review tomorrow!

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