In Between Posts, November 27, 2011

Basically a lot of Skyward Sword for me this past week. I’ve made it to the third temple and I think a lot of stuff is about to go down. Link is chasing after Zelda who is performing some sort of ritual that I’m not totally privy to. The temples aren’t the only challenge, getting there is too. There’s a lot of enemies and puzzles that stand in Link’s way, and they’ve done a good job of keeping me occupied and entertained.

My friend and I also made progress in Juggernaut, but we still have a few more hours until we’ve completed it. Juggernaut features some of the dullest gameplay, but what’s kept my friend and I going is the fun of working together and figuring stuff out. That and some of the most surreal storylines outside of a Suda51 game.

3 thoughts on “In Between Posts, November 27, 2011”

    1. Juggernaut is an adventure/puzzle game like Myst; it was released on the PlayStation in 1999. The protagonist’s girlfriend is experiencing a poltergeist phenomenon and he enters her body to remove the evil causing it. Most of the game takes place in a mansion full of puzzles, although there are microcosms of evil which play out as crazy, sometimes goofy one-off stories. The game doesn’t control that great and the puzzles are tame, but these microcosms of evil are worth checking out, they’re unbelievably weird.

      Skyward Sword’s great, but I haven’t gotten around to Skyrim yet either.


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