In Between Posts, December 11, 2011

Finals week(s)! I took three finals last week leaving me with my final final that I’ll take tomorrow. I did fantastic in Operations and Supply Chain Management, Accounting Information Systems, and Money and Banking. I really put effort into studying though so that makes sense. Tomorrow I’ll finish Principles of Finance and be done with school for a few weeks.

I just got back from visiting my girlfriend’s family in Wichita, Kansas so I didn’t play a lot of games. I did bring my PSP though and tried out Hot Pixel and Tokobot. Hot Pixel is a WarioWare style game so it consists of lots of games that last a few seconds. It didn’t take long to get my fill of it and I’ll probably write a short review.

Tokobot was a prime exclusive for the PSP early on and I remember it getting a lot of press, but I didn’t like it. It’s aimed at a young audience and that threw me off of it, but the gameplay seems alright. The protagonist has a group of small robots that follow him around and he can arrange them in formations and use them to solve puzzles and navigate. I’ve always been interested to try Tokobot, but I don’t foresee playing it to completion.

And I played a wee bit of Skyward Sword too.

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