In Between Posts, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas! I woke up this morning with sleep crystals in my eyes and gazed upon the gifts that Santa left me last night and found… Skyrim! Many other great gifts too. I enjoyed being with my family and later on, visiting with my girlfriend’s. Hopefully everyone else had a pleasant day as well.

After completing Skyward Sword earlier in the week I needed a quick game to get me through to Skyrim and that game was The Maw for Xbox Live Arcade. I’ll post a review over that tomorrow.

I probably won’t get to play Skyrim until Tuesday but I have something interesting in mind for it… I will play some games tomorrow with my pal and then in the evening it’s off to a friend’s wedding. Expect some posts soon.

Also, my friend wrote his review of The Bouncer so check it out!

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