Alfhedil’s Journal – Fredas, 21st of Last Seed, 4E 201

A resident of Whiterun, Ysolda wanted me to fetch her a mammoth tusk.

It’s only my second journal entry and I feel like I’ve accomplished so much since I last wrote. When I last wrote, I had only left Riverwood to retrieve the shopkeeper’s golden claw. Not forgetting that I promised Alvor to send message of the dragon attack on Helgen to the Jarl of Whiterun, I promptly left Riverwood.

It was not a short trip, but not terribly lengthy either; a few hours by foot. I couldn’t help admiring my surrounding on the way. I stuck mostly to a well-traveled path but I ran into much wildlife, including a deer, wolves, rabbits, and much fauna. Unfortunately I also ran into a wood elf selling questionable items; he attacked me for my inquisitive nature. I’m saddened to have taken his life but he made it clear it was my life or his.

After following the path for a few hours I spotted Whiterun. Before making it into town, I stopped by a few small farms and Honningbrew Meadery, all on the outskirts of Whiterun. Word had already reached Whiterun of the dragon attack and they were hesitant to let me in, less so when I told them I came bearing information. Since word had already reached Whiterun, I decided to explore the town and meet its residents, plus I was tired.

Whiterun is many times larger than Riverwood. Riverwood was a quaint village by the river’s edge, apparently most known for the small lumber operation there. They had a few cottages as well as the inn, shop, and Alvor the smith, but Whiterun houses at least three times Riverwood’s population. Needless to say I met many people who had many errands that I can help out with and make some coin.

After speaking with so many residents, I learned much about a feud between two clans, the Battle-Borns and the Gray-Manes. The Battle-Borns support the Imperials while the Gray-Manes support the Stormcloaks; I wonder if this civil war between the Nords is as large as these past few days have made it seem to be?

Before meeting the Jarl I also joined the Companions. This guild or mercenary band or whatever they claim to be say that they fight for those who wish not to, albeit for a price. I’ll be able to get much experience from my fellow companions and make a little money to boot!

I originally thought Jarl was a person’s name but in the land Skyrim it means the ruler of a hold, such as Whiterun. The Jarl of Whiterun was Balgruuf the Greater and he was a good guy. He was eager to hear what I had to say. After hearing of the dragon attack he introduced me to Farengar Secret-Fire, the Jarl’s court wizard and resident expert on sideburns. He was very interested in dragons and wanted me to retrieve a dragonstone from Bleak Falls Barrow. Thank goodness I kept that from a few days ago! Before we could continue chatting word reached the Jarl that a dragon had attacked a watchtower to the west of Whiterun. He sent Irileth, a dark elf, a group of soldiers, and I to investigate.

The tower was destroyed and there were smoldering fires when we arrived, definitely similar to Helgen and sure enough, a dragon appeared not soon after we arrived. It was a ridiculously tough battle but the half dozen of us managed to defeat the dragon, not without loss of life however.

A strange thing happened when the dragon died. Somehow I began sucking in the dragon’s soul or something like that and all of sudden I felt very powerful. The soldiers began speculating that I was a dragonborn. I’m not sure what this means but after they provoked me to yell, something magical happened; I let out a ferocious yell that a normal person should not be capable of.

Upon returning to the Jarl and telling him of this he assured me that I was a dragonborn and someone very special. He indicated that I should travel to High Hrothgar and speak with the Greybeards. Balgruff also gave me the title of Thane which makes a local hero and appointed Irileth to follow me; and to think I’ve only been in Skyrim for a few days. Balgruuf didn’t make much clear but the way he talked about High Hrothgar and the Greybeards leads me to believe they’re very important. I guess I’ll find out soon enough…

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