Alfhedil’s Journal – Tirdas, 25th of Last Seed, 4E 201

Aela the Huntress sharing her werewolf blood so I can become one.

I bought a house in Whiterun! As of the 24th of Last Seed I’m the proud owner of Breezehome. Thanks to Proventus Avenicci, I’ve also fully furnished it; he aids Jarl Balgruuf the Greater and is the father to Adrianne Avenicci, the owner of Warmaiden’s, a weapons and armor shop next door to Breezehome. I like that Breezehome is very close to the bulk of Whiterun’s shops and near the entrance/exit. This emptied my coin purse, although I did make much of it back thanks to the Companions.

After seeing Farkas transform into a werewolf and having been accepted as a member of the Companions I was interested to see what work they had for me. Farkas had a job for me. He wanted me to rough up Hod, a lumberjack from Riverwood. He was a tough Nord, large stature, but I was able to handle him. Afterwards Farkas said Skjor had a job for me.

Skjor wanted me to meet him that night in the Underforge. The Underforge was a secret room underneath the Skyforge, accessible by a secret wall. When I arrived, Skjor and I entered and there was Aela the Huntress as a werewolf. This meeting was my opportunity to become a werewolf. I was hesitant and didn’t accept initially, but knowing that I could find a cure if the cons outweighed the pros I agreed. I don’t remember much after I transformed.

I woke up outside of Gallows Rock, a fort located far to the east of Whiterun. Aela was there and told me I’d been out of it for a while. Skjor and Aela led me here so we could take care of a batch of Silver Hand members.

It was practically a blizzard outside of the fort so I was glad to get inside. As we got deeper in, Aela became less certain that Skjor was alright. He entered ahead of us and we were finding an awfully lot of slaughtered werewolves, like their heads on pikes. The leader of this group was named Krev the Skinner and he was sturdier than I; luckily Aela was there. We scraped by, unfortunately Skjor didn’t. Aela was furious and our next step was to assassinate the leader of the Silver Hands.

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