Alfhedil’s Journal – Loredas, 29th of Last Seed, 4E 201

Whiterun's Hall of the Dead.

After coming upon Skjor’s murdered body in Gallows Rock, Aela and I were supposed to avenge his death by assassinating the leader of the Silver Hands. Unfortunately this journey was too much for me. I had to meet her in the easternmost part of Skyrim, but I couldn’t make it.

Before leaving Whiterun I stopped by the Hall of the Dead. Andurs left his Amulet of Arkay in the catacombs and he wasn’t able to retrieve it because of skeletons. This was no problem for me though.

Not finding any more work around town, I was off to assassinate the leader of the Silver Hands. Whiterun was still in sight when a dragon began attacking some local farmers. I was lucky to have the aid of these farmers and Lydia, without them we might not have been able to defeat the dragon. Like the previous dragon, I absorbed this one’s soul.

Right after this battle Lydia and I helped a Vigilant of Stendarr defeat a flame atronach. We talked for a while and I learned that Vigilants of Stendarr fight daedra influence; they seek to root out vampires, werewolves, and witches. I didn’t let her know I was a werewolf, haha.

I traveled for a few days and came across many unfamiliar locations. I also ran into much resistance, the reason I wasn’t able to make it all the way to where I needed to go. Bears were challenging to deal with and I came across a novice necromancer but what really hindered me were a group of witches and wizards. There was a fort along the way and judging from the dead Stormcloaks laying around, it was probably a Stormcloak fort before this group moved in. There were a few outside and Lydia and I were able to handle these; we snuck in and were met by massive magical power though. We ran all the way back to Whiterun; time to get stronger.

I found some odd jobs closer to Whiterun after this. Amren, a local of Whiterun, had an heirloom stolen by a group of bandits. This group was hiding out in Redoran’s Retreat, a cave not too far west of Whiterun. Lydia and I got it back easily. I got another odd job from Proventus Avenicci. A local bandit had been causing some trouble and he wanted me to take care of him. Again, Lydia and I were able to handle him and his crew with ease.

More recently Lydia and I traveled to Rannveig’s Fast and met an interesting wizard. He had been trapping adventurers in this ancient Nordic tomb. Unfortunately for him, we were stronger than his previous catches. When we emerged with much loot to sell, another dragon attacked us. It was challenging but we prevailed, evidence of this journal entry. Three dragons down.

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