Alfhedil’s Journal – Morndas, 7th of Heartfire, 4E 201

Wyndelius Gatharian, the "specter" residing in Shroud Hearth Barrow.

During the past few days Lydia and I did some exploring around Ivarstead. We began by exploring the islands around Ivarstead looking for Reyda’s remains. I thought they’d be in Geirmund’s Hall and when we didn’t find her remains, I gave up. Last time I wrote I had an epiphany, realizing the remains could be on another island! We looked and looked and nearly gave up when we began searching the surrounding river. We found her remains near the bridge leading east out of Ivarstead. We let Narfi know; he was sad.

We also trekked into Shroud Hearth Barrow, a Nordic tomb inside Ivarstead. Wilhelm, the barkeeper and owner of Vilemyr Inn had complained about ghosts and wanted us to check it out. Not soon after entering we saw the ghost he spoke of but once we caught up with it, it attacked us. After defeating it we realized that it was a dark elf that had been using a potion to make it seem like he was a specter. We found his journal which detailed his search for a precious item inside. He let the villagers know of his objective early on but grew weary of them, thinking that they might try and get this item before he did. So he decided to scare them to keep them out. In the depths of Shroud Hearth Barrow were a lot of draugr. The head honcho of this bunch shouted at me and disarmed my two-handed sword. I had the hardest time finding it afterwards but it turned up in between a chest and a wall.

In our recent journeys I was also able to compile ten bear pelts which I gave to Temba Wide-Arm. She was happy to see the bear population of Skyrim reduced, if only by a small amount. I’m heading to High Hrothgar for sure in the coming days.

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