Alfhedil’s Journal – Loredas, 19th of Heartfire, 4E 201

The dragon priest Krosis, rising from his sarcophagus at Shearpoint.

These past few days have been somewhat relaxing. Lydia and I have still traveled to new locations and battled a lot, but we’ve been taking it easy.

A few days ago, Lydia and I trekked north out of Whiterun heading for Shearpoint. I’d overheard that there was a source of power there; I’ve heard people describe other places similarly and there turned out to be word walls nearby. As we approached I spotted a word wall, but also a frost dragon. Lydia and I engaged the dragon by sneaking up on it. After we killed it, I approached the word wall only to be surprised by a dragon priest rising from a sarcophagus. This is the first time I’ve encountered a dragon priest and he was tough; much tougher than the frost dragon! It took us a long time to defeat him; I had to retreat often to heal Lydia and I. When he perished I found a lot of valuable loot on his body, including a nifty facemask that I’ve been using.

I decided next we ought to head to Ivarstead and make a mead delivery to Wilhelm. While we were in Riften, I spoke with Romlyn Dreth (a dark elf working at Black-Briar Meadery) who wanted me to make a delivery to Wilhelm. He was smuggling some of the mead to Wilhelm and selling it on the cheap. Heck, he even offered me some. I know what he’s doing is illegal but you know what, Maven Black-Briar doesn’t seem like the purest person out there. Plus, Wilhelm has been kind to me and it’ll be nice to rid myself of this small barrel!

Before leaving Whiterun I also took care of another Riften related job. When I visited Riften’s Hall of the Dead, I spoke with its caretaker, Alessandra. She told me about her father and how she came into her job. She wasn’t pleased with it when she was younger, but appeared content with it now. After hearing her out she wanted me to take her father’s ceremonial dagger to the Hall of the Dead in Whiterun so it could finally be put to rest alongside him. I gave the dagger to Andurs in Whiterun and left for Ivarstead.

On our travels Lydia and I discovered Fellglow Keep. It’s a ruined fort located east-northeast of Whiterun (we took a long route to Ivarstead). There were tons of mages inside and it appeared they’d been performing experiments on vampires. Strewn throughout Fellglow Keep were the corpses of countless numbers of vampires. We didn’t retrieve any one item that was worth our curiosity but we still found many valuable items inside.

As is usually the case, we arrived at our destination at nightfall. We headed to the Vilemyr Inn and delivered the mead to Wilhelm. With that I called it a night and began this entry. Until next time!

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