Alfhedil’s Journal – Fredas, 25th of Heartfire, 4E 201

Morthal is a cozy town to the northeast of Whiterun.

The Greybeards have been on my mind lately and I decided it was a good time to head north in my search for the horn of Jurgen Windcaller. From Whiterun, Lydia and I traveled northeast and after many hours we arrived in Morthal.

Morthal is a small town of about ten or fifteen buildings built around a large pond. Because we’re so far north, it’s always snowing. It didn’t take long to find out there was controversy in the town. Not too long ago, a resident’s house went up in flames, killing a child and woman. The townsfolk want the Jarl to get the bottom of it. Figuring Lydia and I could lend a hand, we visited the Jarl.

Jarl Idgrod Ravencrone is an older woman who claims she is a seer but that is not my concern. Out discussion gave me a better understanding of the situation. The husband/father survived the fire and quickly sought the companionship of Alva, a female resident. Although this is suspicious, the Jarl can’t charge him without evidence.

Lydia and I visited the remains of the house and were shocked to see the ghost of the little girl who perished in the fire. She didn’t tell us much, claiming someone else would overhear, but suggested we meet at night. Lydia and I explored Morthal waiting for nightfall and the only shop of interest was Thaumaturgist’s Hut – an alchemy shop. We chatted with the shopkeeper Lami for a while and agreed to keep our eyes open for a book she wanted.

When night fell, we searched the remains of the house, but we couldn’t find the ghost. As we looked we ran into a resident who said his wife had disappeared. Not far from him we found a vampire digging up the grave of the girl. We killed the vampire who turned out to be the wife of the man we just ran into and the ghost told us that Alva was a vampire and turned her father, and this woman into one.

We headed for Alva’s house and had to break in. Just inside were Alva and a conjuration of the girl’s father. We killed Alva and found her journal inside. It detailed her longing for a companion and her meeting with a romantic man one night. This man turned her into a vampire and their plan was to turn all of Morthal into vampires.

Returning to the Jarl, she was happy we got to the bottom of the situation, but warned there was more to do. Morthal wouldn’t be safe until this vampire was taken care of. The vampire lived in a cave a short walk from Morthal and the Jarl gathered a mob of citizens to help us take care of him. We did handily.

We’re almost to the location the Graybeards told us to search; I bet we’ll arrive there tomorrow.

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