Alfhedil’s Journal – Sundas, 27th of Heartfire, 4E 201

Delphine witnessing the resurrection of a dragon.

Lydia and I made it to Ustengrav a few days ago and were surprised to find that somebody had beaten us to the horn of Jurgen Windcaller. Ustengrav was reminiscent of other Nordic tombs save one feature. Deep inside there was a large open area (many stories high with multiple levels) that had a stream running through it and a word wall; Lydia summed it up nicely saying she’s never seen anything quite like it. This room led to a set of more rooms that were tricky to get into.

The exit that I wanted to take was somehow related to three magic stones. There were three doors we had to pass through and they would open when we passed these three stones. They shut too quickly for us to make it through though. Fortunately, one of the dragon shouts I know propelled me forward fast enough to get through and reset the trap to then allow Lydia through. Beyond this area was the tomb of Jurgen Windcaller where we found a note. The note mentioned me being the dragonborn and asked for a private meeting in the attic room of the Sleeping Giant Inn in Riverwood.

We traveled there and spoke with one of the owners, a blond-haired Nord named Delphine, who told us there was no attic room and instead gave us a normal room. Restless as I was to find out what was going on, I didn’t sleep. Later that night Delphine entered my room and she was the one who placed the note! I was a little perplexed at first because she looks well-aged, but she disclosed with me that she’s a member of the Blades – an ancient group of warriors who are said to have fought dragons eras ago and then become the personal guard for the emperor’s.

She led me to a secret room where she told me of the Blades and the resurrection of the dragons in Skyrim. She believes the dragons are the dragons of lore, brought back to life. She doesn’t know how, but believes the Thalmor are somehow involved. I got some context from her – the Thalmor battled the Imperials for a long time before the two groups eventually signed a treaty, however this treaty outlaws the worship of Talos, something that has caused a rift between the Nords and the Imperials. This aids the Thalmor if they still have a vendetta against the Imperials. These dragons that are roaming Skyrim now seem to be aiding Ulfric Stormcloak and his rebels, a fact the Imperials would like not to be true, and again, something that would aid the Thalmor.

To gather more information, Delphine wanted to travel to Kynesgrove, northeast of Riverwood and just south of Windhelm. It was here that Delphine believed the next dragon would be resurrected. I woke Lydia and we hurried ourselves towards Kynesgrove.

It was snowing immensely around Kynesgrove when we arrived and villagers were running away screaming of a dragon nearby. All three of us could hear it and we began sneaking towards the ancient dragon burial site. Upon approach we witnessed the event that proved Delphine’s theory true. A dragon was performing some sort of act, and a magical beam of light was shooting skyward from the grave. Within seconds a dragon arose and came to life. It was then that they spotted us and the resurrected dragon attacked while the other fled. We were all in awe but Delphine was more enamored at my ability to absorb the dragon’s soul, thus proving I am the dragonborn.

She believed the next step to investigation required a trip to the Thalmor embassy near Solitude in the north. We couldn’t just walk in though. We had to arrange a meeting with a person in Solitude who would fill us in on the details. Delphine assured us this person was trustworthy and headed back to Riverwood as did we.

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