In Between Posts, April 29, 2012

The spring semester of school is coming to an end and that means a flood of work. I was getting stressed out a week or two ago, but now that I’ve finished some time-consuming projects, I’m feeling much better. I still have two large projects to finish as well as piddly assignments and finals for two of my other classes, but I’ll be able to cope. Another large weight that I got off my shoulder last week was paying off my spring semester, filing for graduation in the fall, and enrolling in summer and fall classes. I’m not exactly sure what I’ll do when I graduate, but I’m glad most everything I need to do in advance is taken care of.

I liked playing and writing about The Adventures of Batman & Robin last week. I’d been meaning to return to it for a long time after checking it out with a friend. I only intended to attempt the first mission because when we played it, it seemed brutally tough. Instead, I practically beat it, with the use of some level skip cheats… I’m thinking about going through my Sega CD collection one game at a time and playing it for a short period and then write it up. Of course, just being spontaneous and playing an older, shorter game at random is a fun procedure.

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