Tiger Game.com – Outro

What a bummer! After eight games, nearly half of the Game.com’s library, my impressions of it dropped. There’s still a game or two I’d really like to play on the system like Duke Nukem 3D, Resident Evil 2, and Sonic Jam, but I’m sure they’re not great.

The Game.com feels cheap, it’s ugly, and it’s not ergonomic. As I said in my initial post, it feels like nothing more than an upscale toy, something you’d find on a hanger in a Toys “R” Us. The design of the system lacks passion. It’s very basic and bland, which is fine, but it doesn’t knock my socks off and its rectangular shape doesn’t prohibit long play sessions. Of course, neither does the awful screen the system has or the rotten selection of games.

Tiger’s Game.com is a fun conversation piece, but a horrible video game platform.

2 thoughts on “Tiger Game.com – Outro”

  1. This was a fun feature, John, and I enjoyed reading through your Game.com retrospective. I hope you’re able to find copies of the other three games you mentioned, as I remember those were the ones I was most curious about as a kid. Wonder how they play today.


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