BurgerTime [Intellivision] – Review

Peter Pepper packed a pinch of salt to deal with probing pickles.

All chef Peter Pepper wants to do is make hamburgers for a monstrous entity, perhaps the Green Giant. Unfortunately for Peter, man-sized hot dogs, fried eggs, and pickles are doing all they can to prevent him from doing just that. Released in 1983 for the Intellivision, BurgerTime features six stages of increasingly difficult gameplay. A competitive two-player mode remains intact in this home conversion programmed by Ray Kaestner as does the game’s vibrant characters and color palettes, albeit, just not to the fidelity of the arcade original.

A stage in BurgerTime.arcad

John: I’ve always thought this game looked really interesting. A peculiar premise and eye-catching characters top off the excellent gameplay. Old arcade games like this have strict rule sets and require deftness from their users, but they can be quite rewarding. The two-player competitions Jeff and I had were great; I love this game!

Jeff:  I really didn’t see the appeal of this game before playing it; however I can easily say this is the best game on the Intellivision (so far). I’ve only played a few games on the Intellivision so far and the disc pad has always been a nuisance, but it actually worked very well with BurgerTime.


2 thoughts on “BurgerTime [Intellivision] – Review”

  1. Would you consider reviewing some of the newer, independent games for the Intellivision? From “Christmas Carol” to “Boulderdash” already out, and “Defender of the Crown” and “The Minstrel’s Legend” coming soon, there is a lot more to see on the classic console!


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