Obituary: Ryan Davis

So long, duder.
So long, duder.

I’m devastated about the news of Ryan Davis’ passing. For those unaware, Ryan Davis was a video game journalist and co-founder of GiantBomb. This website has become my everything when it comes to video games. Ryan Davis, and the entire crew, brought a fresh approach to covering the industry since the website’s foundation in 2008. Personally though, it was the Giant Bombcast that kept me so tuned to the crew. Hosted by Ryan Davis, it and the entire company are going to be a very different place without his boisterous smarts. Although I never met him, I feel much closer to him than I am with many of my extended family members and it’s a shame to see him pass on at such an early age. As he always did and in his memory, it’s time to pour one out.

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