SpellTower [Android] – Review

SpellTowerI’ve gotten a kick out of the games I’ve purchased through Humble Bundle. One of the better bundles in recent memory was the Mobile Bundle 3. I’ll highlight a few games from it starting with SpellTower. It’s a word-making game that I’ve been playing on my Google Nexus 7. There are a few gameplay modes, leaderboards, and even a multiplayer mode that I haven’t had the opportunity to test. I’ve found it to be a fun diversionary game at bedtime.

Each of the four modes is centered on high scores. By swiping together adjacent letters (even diagonally) and making words, I scored points. Longer words or ones using uncommon letters would net me more points. In Tower Mode, I did so using a set number of letters. What I found more enjoyable were the Puzzle, Extreme Puzzle, and Rush Modes. The puzzle modes started with a few rows of letters. Every time I completed a word a new row would be added. I could take as long as I wanted and this was a good exercise in crafting worthy words. Rush Mode also started with a few rows of letters. However, more were added over time. This was more an exercise in quick word making.

An example of word creation. Or an homage to Fleetwood Mac's most popular album.
An example of word creation. Or an homage to Fleetwood Mac’s most popular album.

SpellTower isn’t a game designed for extended gameplay sessions. When played in small chunks, I imagine it’ll remain in ones queue for many weeks. Especially if one has friends who also have it. The Twitter hooks are in this game and it’s hard not to boast about a new high score. I overloaded early so I’m a little burned out on it at this point. However, from time to time, I get the urge and pop it on for a round or two to see if I can top my best score. Can you top my best word?

Best word: jillets – 616 points. Definition: giddy or flirtatious girls or young women.

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