Top 10 Games I Played in 2013

Not since 2011 have I compiled a best-of list! I omitted one in 2012 probably because I forgot. Not this year. Unlike lists from major gaming sites, my list is open to any game, not just ones released this year. That’s simply because I don’t play many current video games. As I did back in 2011, I’m going to sort alphabetically rather than actually rank them.

Animal Crossing: A New Leaf – I’ll start this list of just as I did 2011’s, with an Animal Crossing game. The only reason I didn’t write anything about this game was because I was too busy playing it. Super addicting.

BioShock Infinite – Here’s one I didn’t write about. I honestly did have anything to add to the conversation. My article would’ve contained more gushing praise for a deserving title.

Dead Space – This game had been sitting in my collection sealed since, I’d say, 2009. Finely breaking the seal was a good idea as I loved the finely tuned dismemberment gameplay and the scary atmosphere. 

Deus Ex: Human  Revolution – With the exception of the boss fights, this game was the entire package. Gameplay, audiovisuals, acting, everything was top-notch.

Final Fantasy IV – It was tough for me to pick between this and FFV. The latter had wonderful job class system, but IV had a great gameplay system and a genre-defining narrative.

Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones – Before playing through this with Jeff, I didn’t care for tactical RPGs. I thought they were too hard and oftentimes had only one “correct” way of approaching certain battles. The inner strategist was forced out of me with this one and I’m willing to take another look at the genre.

The Last of Us – Is there another 2013 release that was as talked about as this? Besides the console releases, I’d say not. What an unforgettable video game. Not always the most fun to play, but unforgettable.

Resistance 2 – Of the core Resistance games, I chose 2 as my favorite. I didn’t care for Fall of Man and thought 3 was the most well-rounded, but the design philosophy of “Hale and Scale” did it for me. The boss fights were enormous, and perhaps very simple, but their stature was awesome.

Shenmue/Shemue II – These games can’t be separated. Their development was so closely linked it’d be a travesty. Despite the ill-fated nature of Yu Suzuki’s trilogy, these are two of the most interesting video games, period.

Super Mario 3D Land – I also didn’t write an article about this game. Regardless, I had some of the most fun with this game. Especially once the more challenging stages were unlocked. Just a happy, happy game.

4 thoughts on “Top 10 Games I Played in 2013”

  1. Nice list. The Last of Us and Bioshock Infinite were two of my favorite gaming experiences this year as well. Glad you got around to the first Dead Space — that’s still one of my favorites. I would recommend playing DS2 but skipping the third one. That one was pretty average at best.


    1. Can’t discuss 2013 in video gaming without The Last of Us or BioShock Infinite.

      I can’t believe how well put together Dead Space is. Definitely a memorable game from last generation.


  2. Your list is pretty good! I think you should go and play Gone Home or Dota 2. They are amazing games from 2013 that deserve to be on this list and games from past years it has to be Skyrim or League of Legends


    1. I am very much looking forward to Gone Home with all I’ve heard about it. And Skyrim, boy howdy is that an engrossing game. I wrote many journal entries from my characters’ perspective when I played it. That was a fun role-playing experience.


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