Pokemon Platinum – Game Notes

When I played Pokemon Platinum from May 5, 2014 to July 20, 2014, I kept an extensive set of game notes. These primarily detailed the Pokemon I caught and the names I assigned them. However, it also served to remind me of places I needed to revisit once I received new HMs, among other reasons. Good luck reading.

May 5, 2014. I began a new game as Klepek. I chose Turtwig from Professor Rowan and named him Cinco. I also caught a Starly, Bidoof, and a Kricketot and named them Abundance, Boring, and Xylophone respectively. I then started my game proper as Kafka. I named my rival Brod after Kafka’s real life friend. I chose Piplup and named him Aptenodyte. I then traded the mentioned Pokémon, as well as a Chimchar named Butane from Jenny. 0:35.

May 6, 2014. Caught a Shinx on Route 202 and named him Neversoft after the recently folded video game company.

I need to return to the Global Terminal in Jubilife City after receiving a gym badge. The creator of the Pokétech gave me one after finding three clowns. I’ll need to return to the Pokétech Company and speak with the president after receiving a gym badge for a new app. Its what utilizes the touch screen outside of battle and it’s nearly pointless. The Pokémart in Jubilife City sells Heal Balls. One of the tenants in the Jubilife Condominiums gave me a Quick Claw.

Caught a Geodude on Route 203 and named him Pebble. Caught a Zubat and named her Sponge. I need to return to the cave on Route 203 and use Rock Smash after obtaining the first gym badge.

Oreburgh City seems to be built around mines. Roark, the gym leader, was down there when I arrived. A lady in the second two-story house wants to trade aan Abra for a Machop. The Pokémart in Oreburgh sells Heal and Net Balls. 2:29.

As I started with all three, I had both an Empleon and an Infernape.
As I started with all three, I had both an Empleon and an Infernape.

May 7, 2014. Well I went and fetched Roark from the Oreburgh Mines. I thought I would have an easy time bea ring him as I have a Turtwig and a Piplup. That wasn’t the case. It took about three times. I chalk that up to Cinco and Aptenodyte not listening to me. Roark’s Cranidos was super tough though. I received the Coal Badge from him as well as TM76 – Stealth Rock.

Caught a Psyduck on Route 203 and named him Migraine. Return to Oreburgh Gate (the lower floor of the cave on Route 203) with a bicycle and the ability to Surf and use Strength. Aptenodyte evolved into Prinplup. Caught a Machop on Route 207 and named him GNC Fan. Caught another to trade for the previously mentioned Abra. Caught a Ponyta and named him CaliChrome after the 2014 Kentucky Derby winner.

Xylophone evolved into Kricketune after I postponed it’s evolution to level 16 so it would learn Bug Bite. Traded Hillary a Machop and received Kazza, her Abra. Caught an Onix in the Oreburgh Mines and named him Showtime.

Spoke to the president of the Pokétech company and received the Memo Pad app. He’ll have another one when I have three gym badges. 4:17.

May 8, 2014. Team Galactic is the nefarious group in this generation of Pokémon games. They’re trying to harness the power emitted when Pokémon evolve. Lottery tickets are given away daily on the ground floor of the Jubilife TV building. Return to Route 204 with Surf and Cut. Return to the cave on Route 204 with Surf and Rock Smash. Heal and Net Balls are sold in Floaroma Town. Return to Route 205 with Surf. Return to the Valley Windworks with Surf.

Team Galactic has the Valley Windworks under lockdown. Neversoft evolved into Luxio. Butane evolved into Monferno. Honey can be purchased in Floaroma Meadow. Mars was leading the Team Galactic raid to steal electricity in the Valley Windworks. Apparently, they aim to create a new universe. A balloon Pokémon will appear in front of the Valley Windworks on a specific day(s) of the week [Friday]. Abundance evolved into Staravia. Cinco evolved into Grotle. Return to Route 205 with Surf. 5:44.

May 10, 2014. I made my way through Eterna Forest escorting another trainer. Because of this, we encountered wild Pokémon in pairs. This prevented me from catching any of them due to the character’s inability to aim his throw. WTF?

I received the Friendship Checker app from a lady in the Eterna City Pokécenter. Even though I want to catch Pokémon in Eterna Forest, I went ahead and fought Gardenia, the city’s gym leader. I did this as the traded Pokémon I use rarely listen, and it’s very frustrating. After besting her, I was awarded the Forest Badge. All traded Pokémon up to level 30 will now obey me. That gives me ten more levels of obedience. She also gave me TM 86 – Grass Knot. My victory was awesome. We were both down to our final Pokémon. Her Roserade and my Xylophone. Xylophone was paralyzed, but by using Bide, unleashed a devastating amount of damage!

Caught a Buneary in Eterna Forest and named him Peter, after Peter Cottontail. Caught a Budew and named her Opoona, after the Wii game. Caught a Cascoon and named him Spiteful. Caught a Beautifly and named him Boxer. Caught a Hoothoot and named her Stopwatch. Caught s Silcoon and named him Princeton. Caught a Dustox and named him Hashtag. Return to Eterna Forest with Cut.

A mysterious fellow named Cyrus (who Brod and I bumped into at Lake Verity) was scoping out Eterna’s statue of Dialga. Afterwards, another mystery trainer spoke to me. Her name was Cynthia and she gave me HM01 – Cut. The Pokémart in Eterna stocks Heal, Net, and Nest Balls. The Name Rater resides on the ground floor of the Eterna City Condominiums. Also on the ground floor is a lady wanting to trade her Chatot for a Buizel. One of Professor Rowan’s aides gifted me the Exp. Share at the entrance to Bicycle Road.

I received the Explorer Kit from the Underground Man. I proceeded to finish all of his tasks, for which he gave me decorations. The only possible thing left for me to show him is a friend’s flag. Perhaps research if there is any reward. 7:45.

May 11, 2014. I returned to a couple of trees I slathered in honey and caught a Burmy and a Combee. I named then Roscoe and Honey Nut, respectively. I also caught a Pachirisu in the Valley Windworks and named him Sunlight. Caught a Meditite on Route 211 and named her Tolerance. Caught a Chingling and named her Bellsouth.

I rescued the bike shop owner from the Team Galactic recruitment center in Eterna. The person in charge was a lady named Jupiter. He rewarded me with a bicycle. I also bumped into Cynthia who gifted me an egg containing a Togepi. I named him Conchita, after the bearded Austrian drag queen who won Eurovision.

Surf in the northeast of Eterna. Return to Route 211 with Rock Smash and Surf. Return to Mt. Coronet with Rock Smash and Strength. Caught a Gligar on Route 206 and named her FaceHugger. One of the hikers on Route 206 mentions there should be a second cave entrance. Caught a Bronzor in the Wayward Cave and named it Sheen. Escorted a young girl named Mira out of the Wayward Cave. 10:09.

May 12, 2014. Caught a Gastly in the Old Chateau and name her Pfizer. Caught a Rotom from the TV inside the Old Chateau and named it Spark. 10:33.

May 13, 2014. Before entering Mt. Coronet, Dawn gifted a Dowsing app and the Vs. Seeker. Return to Mt. Coronet with Surf. Return to Route 208 with Surf, Waterfall, and a move to scale walls. The Berry Master resides on Route 208. He gives away a berry each day. I received the Berry Locater app from his granddaughter. Caught a Bibarel on Route 208 and named him Alert. Caught a Ralts and named him Consensus. I received the Odd Keystone from a man on Route 208. He instructed me to go to Route 209, go underground, listen to the stone pillar, and talk to people underground.

The president of the Pokémon Fan Club in Hearthome City gave me a Poffin Case.  The Pokémart in Hearthome sells Heal, Net, and Nest Balls. One of the NPCs in town, just above the Pokémart, will give me a rare item? Bebe, the PC creator in Sinnoh gave me an Eevee which I named Bebe’s. The Pokémon Contest Hall is in Hearthome.

Beat Fantina and received the Relic Badge and TM65 – Shadow Claw. She seemed French and used ghost Pokémon. Went for a stroll in Amity Square with Butane and found an Amulet Coin, among a couple of TMs. Research this further as there’s at least one remaining item. 12:04.

May 14, 2014. Caught a Zubat on Route 208 and named her C. Wolfe, after the opening artist of the Queens of the Stone Age concert. Caught a Burmy and named her QOTSA. Caught a Roselia on Route 209 and named her Brady. Caught a Duskull and named him Kyuss. Caught a Chansey and named her Modren. And she was holding a Lucky Egg!!! 13:07.

May 16, 2014. Caught a Drifloon in the Valley Windworks and named him Mondo, after the protagonist of Killer is Dead. Caught a Gible in the cave on Route 208 and named her Vivienne, again, after a Killer is Dead character. Caught another one and named him Zoop.

Return to Route 209 with Surf. Received the Good Rod. Return to The Lost Tower on Route 209 with Defog. The Pokémon News Press in Solaceon Town has a daily task. 14:27.

May 17, 2014. Caught a Scyther on Route 210 on named her Wichita as we were visiting for Jenny’s brother’s graduation. The Cafe Cabin on Route 210 sells Moomoo Milk. A group of Psyduck were blocking an area on Route 210; research this.

Caught a Lickitung on Route 215 and named her Marseillai, after the French national anthem La Marseillaise. Caught a Marill and named him Zidane, after the famous/infamous French soccer player. 16:07.

May 18, 2014. The basement of the department store in Veilstone City sells berries, poffins, and Lava Cookies. Received the Counter app… It can count, yay. The third floor sells TMs. An NPC gave me a Porygon he rescued from Team Galactic. The lady in the southwestern house in Veilstone gives a daily massage. Use Rock Climb in Veilstone. The Game Corner is in Veilstone. The younger man in the Game Corner prize exchange details what type a specific Pokemon’s Hidden Power attack will be.

Beat Maylene (Veilstone’s fighting-type gym leader) and received the Cobble Badge, which allows the use of Fly outside of battle. Traded Pokémon will also obey up to level 50 and she gifted me TM60 – Drain Punch.

Team Galactic  stole Dawn’s PokéDex but we recovered it. The looker guy aided me afterwards and we recovered HM02 – Fly from Team Galactic’s warehouse. Unfortunately, they’ve relocated to Pastoria City and we need a key to proceed.

The president of the Pokétech company gave me the Marking Map app. He’ll give me another after I receive my fifth gym badge. Return to Route 218 with Surf. Caught a Finneon and named him Renewable. Caught a Magikarp and named her Jakita. Caught a Goldeen on Route 209 and named him Rose Thorn. 17:33.

Return to Route 214 with Surf. Caught a Houndour and named her Sleeper. Caught a Rhyhorn and named her Oafish. Caught a Graveler and named her Boulder. Return to the Ruin Maniac in the cave on Route 214 after catching Unown.  Return to Route 213 with Surf and Rock Climb. Neversoft evolved into Luxray. Cinco evolved into Torterra. After completing the PokéDex, visit the game director in the westernmost building in the Valor lakefront. Caught a Remoraid and named her Pinpoint.

The southernmost house in Pastoria City contains a man who will gift a scarf if a Pokémon likes me enough? The Move Tutor resides in the house southeast of the Pokémart in Pastoria City. He requires Heart Scales! The Pokémart in Pastoria sells Nest, Dusk, and Quick Balls. The woman in the house north of the Pokémart wishes to see a male and female Combee. Don’t forget about the Pastoria Great Marsh! 19:08.

Shaymin was one of the giveaway Pokemon that I didn't have access to.
Shaymin was one of the giveaway Pokemon that I didn’t have access to.

May 20, 2014. Beat Crasher Wake and received the Fen Badge. I can now use Surf outside of battle. He also gifted me TM55 – Brine. A Team Galactic grunt laid a defective bomb in the Pastoria Great Marsh. Wake and Brod dealt with it while I chased the grunt and dealt with him. Afterwards Cynthia gave me a potion to deal with the Psyduck on Route 210. Caught a Shellos on Route 213 and named him Hotwire.

Caught a Tangela on the Pastoria Great Marsh and named him Tickler. Caught a Wooper and named him Thirst. Caught a Quagsire and named her Manatee. Caught a Yanma and named her Bugster. Caught another and named her Another. Caught a Noctowl and named him Night Bird. Since I caught five Pokémon in the Safari Zone, a lady gave me the Matchup Checker app. Caught a Skorupi and named her Poison.

After clearing the Psyduck, Cynthia asked me to deliver an Old Charm to her grandma in Celestic Town. Caught a Scyther on Route 210 and named her Spectacle. Caught a Scyther and named him East Coast. Abundance evolved into Staraptor. Return to Route 210 with Defog. 21:06.

May 21, 2014. The northernmost house in Celestic Town sells Dusk, Quick, and Timer Balls. A Team Galactic grunt was planning on bombing the ruins in the town. They’re obviously associated with Dialga and Palkia. A cave painting of the three legendary psychic Pokémon was present. The Team Galactic boss Cyrus showed up proclaiming he was going to make a new ideal world and needed to capture those three Pokémon. Cynthia’s grandma gifted me HM03 – Surf.

Aptenodyte evolved into Empoleon. Return to Route 211 with Rock Smash and Rock Climb. Caught a Machoke and named her SOCOM.

The president of the Pokétech company gave me the Link Searcher app. Return after receiving seven gym badges. 22:03.

May 22, 2014. Caught a Golbat in the Ravaged Path and named him Hauntling. Caught a Golduck and named him ZappaKappa. Caught a Tentacool on Route 205 and named him SeaSmucker. Butane evolved into Infernape. Caught a Gastrodon in the Fuego Ironworks and named her Belly Goo. Caught a Floatzel and named him Rafter. Caught a Magmar and named him Eduardo. Caught a Magnemite and named it TED.

Mr Fuego, inside the Fuego Ironworks, traded shards for star pieces. 23:01.

May 23, 2014. Caught a Buizel in the Valley Windworks and named him Trajan. Caught a Drifloon and named him Mache. 23:25

May 24, 2014. Caught a Chatot on Route 218 and named her Rocklahoma. The Pokémart in Canalave City sells Quick, Timer, and Repeat Balls. The Move Deleter resides in the house north of the Canalave Pokémart. What’s up with the Harbor Inn?

May 25, 2014. Beat Bryon and his steel type Pokémon. He awarded me the Mine Badge and TM91 – Flash Canon. I can now use Strength outside of battle. So it figures that I’d travel to Iron Island to get HM04 – Strength.

Afterwards Brod, Dawn, and the professor summoned me to the Canalave Library where the prof. explained that he wanted us three to investigate the “mirage” Pokémon at the lakes. Then there was a massive explosion at Lake Valor; the lake I was scheduled to go to.

Caught a Steelix on Iron Island and named her Fallon Fox, after the transgender MMA fighter. Riley, the gal who gave me Strength on Iron Island, also gifted me an egg for assisting her in the island’s cave. A Riolu hatched from the egg and I named him Autotune. 26:16.

May 26, 2014. Lake Valor was emptied thanks to Team Galactic’s bomb. All that remained were goons, puddles, and flopping Magikarp. I defeated Commander Saturn below the lake. Next, I headed to Lake Verity to assist Rowan and Dawn. I beat Mars, but it was too late. Team Galactic captured the three lake legendaries.

Caught a Snover on Route 216 and named him Chumlee. Caught a Sneasel and named her Crisp. Return to Mt. Coronet with Defog. Return to Route 216 with Rock Climb.

The northeastern house in Snowpoint City contains a hiker who will teach Pokémon moves in exchange for shards. The girl in the northwestern house wants a Medicham and will trade her Haunter. The Pokémart in Snnowpoint sells Dusk, Quick, and Timer Balls.  The ship in port will be available to me after I beat the Elite Four.

Caught a Swinub on Route 217 and named her Piggly. Beat Candice and received the Icicle Badge and TM72 – Avalanche. The president of the Pokétech company gave me the Move Matcher app, or something like that. 28:38.

May 27, 2014. Brod lost to Jupiter at Lake Verity. She traveled to their headquarters in Veilstone. Traded a recently caught Buizel to Norton in the Eterna City Condominiums for a Chatot. Caught a Wingull on Route 213 and named him Glider. Caught a Tentacruel and named her Embargo. Caught a male Gastrodon and named him Strained. 29:38.

May 28, 2014. Looker and I stormed the Team Galactic storage building in Veilstone and used it as a backdoor into their headquarters. Looker and I witnessed Cyrus give a rousing speech about conquering and correcting the imperfect world. In private, he confided in me that he wasn’t doing it for the benefit of all, but rather himself. After beating him, he rewarded me with a Master Ball and escaped to Mt. Coronet. Finally, I battle Saturn and freed the lake trio.

Caught a Bronzong in Mt. Coronet and named it whom. Caught a Nosepass and named him Pakistani. Caught a Medicham and named him Hungry. 31:28.

May 29, 2014. Battled my way to Cyrus on Spear Pillar. Battled Mars and Jupiter with Brod by my side. Afterwards, Cyrus summoned Dialga and Palkia. The lake trio came to prevent him, but they couldn’t. At this point Giratina appeared and sucked him into it’s Distortion World.

Cynthia and I chased after them. The Distortion World was cockeyed and normal logic and physics didn’t apply. I beat Cyrus and began fighting Giratina, but didn’t catch it after two attempts. I ought to name it Thermite once I do catch it. 32:23

May 31, 2014. Caught Giratina after five full attempts. I’m talking about health in the red, paralyzed, used so many balls that it Struggles itself to death, attempts. I named it Thermite. Caught a Dusclops on Sendoff Spring and named it Moore, as Jenny and I were visiting her family there. Is there anything else to do in Sendoff Spring?

Traveled to Lake Verity, encountered Mespirit and it ran away. 32:55.

June 1, 2014. Caught Uxie at Lake Acuity and named it Einstein. Caught a Girafarig on the Valor Lakefront and named him June. Caught Axelf at Lake Valor and named it Maya, after the recently deceased American poet. 33:39.

June 2, 2014. Caught an Electabuzz on Route 222 and named him Townshend, as they windmill their arms to perform electric punches. Caught a Pelipper and named him Escort. The man in the rightmost house on Route 222 wants to see a large Remoraid.

Return to Julia in the northeastern section of Sunnyshore City – she gives Ribbons to Pokémon. The Sunnyshore Pokémart sells Luxury Balls. The man in the Sunnyshore Market sells Seals to design Pokeballs. The lady will gift something if a Pokémon goes for it. 34:36.

June 3, 2014. Beat Volkner and received the Beacon Badge and TM57 – Charge Beam. Caught a Rhydon in Victory Road and named him Mudd. Zoop evolved into Garchomp. 36:09.

June 4, 2014. Caught a Magneton in Victory Road and named it Static. 36:44.

June 5, 2014. Caught an Azumarill in Victory Road and named him Normandy. Return to Victory Road after beating the Elite Four. There’s a section that’s currently unavailable. The Elite Four Pokémart appears to sell all specialty Pokéballs. 38:32.

June 6, 2014. Began battling the Elite Four. The first trainer was tough but I prevailed. Couldn’t get past the second one however. 39:38.

June 7, 2014. Made my way through Flint, the third member of the Elite Four. 39:58.

June 8, 2014. Made my way to Cynthia, the champion. I nearly beat her, but her Milotic got lucky and outpaced Neversoft. 40:47.

June 9, 2014. I am the champion! I beat Cynthia, with many thanks to Abundance. It’s Endeavor move was able to get Cynthia’s Milotic down to 8 HP (twice), which allowed Neversoft to withstand Surf and finish it off with an electric attack. 41:31.

June 11, 2014. I didn’t update yesterday as I was banging my head, not knowing what do after beating the Elite Four.

I flew to Snowpoint and Brod and I ddual-battled Flint and Volkner in the Battle Frontier. His dad showed up too, as he is one of the head honchos of the area. I couldn’t go anywhere else so I battled some thinking I may need to, but to no avail. Finally, after researching what to do, I found I need to get the National PokéDex by seeing every regional Pokémon. I’m lacking five! Also, after researching where a few were, my path led to Route 212, which I apparently didn’t fully explore! 42:53.

June 12, 2014. A husky Move Tutor resides on Route 212. 43:32.

The Nintendo WFC wasn't active when I was playing.
The Nintendo WFC wasn’t active when I was playing.

June 15, 2014. Caught a Pichu at the Pokémon Mansion and named her JumpStreet. Caught a Unown in the Solaceon Ruins and named it Unown I. Caught another and named it Unown D. Found HM05 – Defog. Caught another one and named it Unown E. I should return to catch the remaining Unown.

I visited Professor Rowan after completing the regional PokéDex and Professor Oak showed up and upgraded my PokéDex to the National version.

Caught a Sudowoodo on Route 221 and named him Father. If I can show a Pokémon of a specific level to the man on Route 221, he’ll give me an item. 45:27.

June 16, 2014. Grandma Wilma on Route 210 will teach the strongest dragon move to a Sinnoh Pokémon. Caught a Snorunt on Route 216 and named her Norway. Caught a Clefairy in Mt. Coronet and named him Chalice. Caught a Cleffa and named her World Cup. 46:50.

June 18, 2014. Caught a Dewgong in Victory Road and named her ISIS, after the Islamic terrorist group currently running amuck in northeastern Iraq. Caught a Weepinbell and named her E3. 48:36.

June 20, 2014. Caught an Oddish on Route 224 and named her Radio. Caught a Banette and named him The Grudge. Caught a Fearow and named him Chainmail. 49:23.

June 21, 2014. The trainer on Route 226 wants to trade his Magikarp for a Finneon. 50:46.

June 22, 2014. Caught a level 69 Magikarp in the Resort Area and named her Magikoopa. Caught an Ariados on Route 229 and named him Crew Cut. Caught a Volbeat and named him Firefly. The man on Route 228 will teach an elemental Hyper Beam to any generation’s starter Pokémon. Caught a Cacturne and named him Tom Sawyer. 51:59.

June 23, 2014. Caught a Weezing on Route 227 and named him Paintball. I battled Jupiter and Mars on Stark Mountain and after their defeat, they quit Team Galactic altogether. Caught a Magcargo in Stark Mountain and named her Capcom. 53:21.

June 24, 2014. Caught a Slugma in Stark Mountain and named her Geisha. I tracked Charon – an older man trying to resurrect Team Galactic – with the help of the man who runs the Survival Area. Looker took him into custody and the other fellow returned the Magma Stone to the heart of Stark Mountain. I need to recover this and capture Heatran. 54:06.

June 25, 2014. Caught a Koffing in Mt. Stark and named her Thrust. Caught Heatran and named him Incendiary. The Ribbon Syndicate in the Resort Area is inaccessible until I get more ribbons.

Caught a Snubbull on Route 209 and named her Snuggie. Caught a Dratini in Mt. Coronet and named him Mirage. Caught Dialga at the Spear Pillar and named it Jurgen, after the coach of the US men’s soccer team. Caught Palkia and named it Joachim, after the coach of the German men’s soccer team. 56:11.

June 28, 2014. Migrated a handful of Pokémon from Emerald. Namely, a Wobbuffet so I could trap roaming Pokémon. Caught a Zigzagoon on Route 202 and named him SupCom. 57:10.

June 29, 2014. I worked on the four roaming Pokémon I’m currently after. At the very least I’ve done massive damage to each with Jurgen. 58:28.

June 30, 2014. Caught Mespirit on Route 202 and named it Ryckert. 59:49.

July 1, 2014. Worked on the legendary birds. 60:56.

July 2, 2014. Caught Moltres on Route 202 and named it Meltinator. caught Zapdos and named it Electnator. Caught Articuno and named it Icinator. 61:40.

July 3, 2014. Encountered Cresselia on Fullmoon Island. Tried to catch it once it began roaming. 62:46.

July 4, 2014. Caught Cresselia on Route 202 and named it July4,2014. Caught Regigigas in the Snowpoint Temple and named it Brazil. Caught a Jynx and named her Mumble. Caught a Smoochum and named her Luscious. 64:02.

July 7, 2014. Traversed Turn back Cave and retrieved the Griseous Orb. Went underground and excavated an Old Amber. Dug up an Odd Keystone and a Dome Fossil. Obtained an Armor Fossil. Also, a Root Fossil. Obtained a Helix Fossil. 65:40.

July 8, 2014. Kept digging for fossils. Dug up a Root Fossil and an Old Amber. 66:14.

July 9, 2014. Caught a Spiritomb at the Hallowed Tower and named him Thirty-Two, as I had to speak to thirty-two people in the Underground, or the same person thirty-two times. 67:06.

July 19, 2014. Caught many Bidoof, Starly, and Kricketot to trade with my original save file of HeartGold. I decided to extract flurr forty-three of the Pokémon from this game. I caught a little more than this, which is fine. I traded six Pokémon, but will start the trades earnestly tomorrow. 68:24.

One of the mini-games that i didn't play.
One of the mini-games that i didn’t play.

July 20, 2014. Extracted the remaining Pokémon I wanted from my original save file of HeartGold. Jeff and I obtained the Magmortar and Electrivire from Battle Revolution. We received the Pikachu a few days ago.

I extracted the fossils I collected in the Underground too. I had two Aerodactyls and named them Kulkullan and Bagh Ahani. I had a Kabuto and named him Kwinana. I had an Omanyte and named him Chelis. I had three Lileep and named them Sauer, Giroud, and Eupithecia. Lastly, I had two Shieldon that I named Babar Ali and Martin. 70:21.


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