Alfhedil’s Journal – Loredas, 12th of Heartfire, 4E 201

Illia, the mage Lydia and I helped out, would've lent a hand to me if Lydia wasn't already aiding me.

Lydia and I just made it to Riften. The Greybeards recommended that I should quest after the horn of Jurgen Windcaller, but seeing as how we were in the vicinity of Riften, I figured we would visit.

Located in its southeastern section, Riften is one of Skyrim’s largest settlements. We came in at nighttime so there wasn’t a lot to see. Although we did overhear much talk of the Thieves Guild and I’m getting the sense that Riften is run by corrupt individuals. Apparently the Thieves Guild calls Riften home, but we’ve heard people dispute that this guild even exists. Regarding the corruption bit, the Jarl of Riften, Laila Law-Giver supposedly has ties to the Thieves Guild (if it even exists). Besides that, one of the guards outside the city tried to get us to pay a fee just to enter! I was able to persuade him that we didn’t need to pay and he came to his senses.

On our trip from High Hrothgar to Riften we entered an impending tower (in Skyrim, aren’t they all?) known as Darklight Tower. Inside we witnessed a mage killing a witch. She didn’t attack us; instead she asked for our help. Her name was Illia and we heard her plea.

Illia told us her mother had been corrupted and wanted to become a hagraven – a ghastly creature that looks like a cross between a woman and a bird. We climbed and battled to the top of the tower and confronted her mother. Before confronting her, Illia devised a plan. Illia would pretend that she had a change of heart and brought me as a sacrifice. When we reached the peak, her mother motioned for me to sit down. As her mother approached me Illia came from behind and began attacking her before she had the chance to tie me down. Lydia and I kicked in too and her mother was dead in seconds. Illia was distressed afterwards but she realized she took the action she needed to; Lydia and I agreed.

Tomorrow I’ll explore Riften and see what it has to offer me. I really need to locate a shop to relieve my pockets and fill my wallet.

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