In Between Posts, September 2, 2012

The SNES saw the bulk of my attention because I decided to stop holding off on purchases unless a game was complete with box and manual. I’ve missed out on many great, cheap games over the years.

Another week with no new posts, but that doesn’t mean I’ve done nothing! This weekend, like last, I actually did a noteworthy amount of game shopping. The largest of the two chains of local game stores had a buy two, get one free Labor Day sale and my friend and I took advantage of the opportunity and visited 4 of the 5 nearby stores. I haven’t purchased games at this frequency in a very long time. Partially I’ve been spurred to do so after reading jsicktheslick’s Sunday Roundup posts for so long. Another factor is the ongoing competition between my friend and I to play every game we collectively own and see who wins the most titles.

Our competition has begun to move briskly now. We completed the NES last week and today we plowed through the twenty Intellivision games and the eleven Apple II games I own. Both of these platforms on the whole were disappointing, but we also began playing the Genesis and man, there a lot of awesome games of that system. I’ll get around to posting results eventually and also, I think instead of talking about a select few titles individually and in a fairly long article, I’ll be switching formats. Rather, each and every game will be discussed in a three paragraph article, succinct and to the point. The first para will be an overview while the second and third paras will be my thoughts and my friend’s thoughts respectively. That way, I’ll be able to highlight each game, produce a veritable amount of content, and bring the other competitor’s views into the fold. I’m looking forward to doing this eventually, as school and work are all consuming!

Anyways, this weekend I managed to pick up many top-notch, or personally interesting titles and I took pictures of them, as well as the few titles I picked up last weekend. I managed to pick up many SNES games for cheap, mainly shoot ’em ups because I like that genre, but I also picked up Super Tennis, Stunt Race FX, Final Fight and Rival Schools: two hopefully great beat ’em ups, ActRaiser: an RPG from Enix, and the Super Game Boy. The more modern games are more visible in the following photo so I won’t highlight those.

I also picked up a handful of random games for a multitude of platforms too!

7 thoughts on “In Between Posts, September 2, 2012”

      1. More on the realistic side, even though the characters are all just generic guys/girls named “Steve”, “Kate” or something similar. The volleying & net play are great, very fluid. Serving feels a little slow in comparison, it’s tough to get aces until you really master putting spin on the ball, and even then, you can’t rely on the service game solely.


  1. Thanks for the mention! I’m glad you liked my posts!
    I’m also a fan of Super Tennis. And Bust-A-Move 2 is such a fun puzzle game! You’ll have plenty to do this week playing those. Good luck beating your friend :p


      1. I agree. I think the thing I remember most about that game was the music: It was what caught my attention in the arcade way back when, and I can still hum that catch gameplay tune 🙂


  2. Nice haul! ActRaiser is one that I included in my (seemingly stalled) retro gaming project. I hope you do a writeup or blurb on that sometime; maybe it will finally inspire me to push forward with it! 🙂

    But yeah, great stuff, and nice variety.


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